Download 3D-DCT Video Compression Software

3D-DCT Video Compression Software is a video compression software using 3D-DCT technique. It can be used to transmit movies across a small bandwidth or transmitting movies to a hand held device on a wireless channel. 

3D-DCT video compression method is an extension of the 2D-DCT image compression (e.g., JPEG). This algorithm takes a full-motion digital video stream and divides it into groups of 8 frames. Each group of 8 frames is considered as a three-dimensional image, which includes 2 spatial components and one temporal component. Each frame in the image is divided into 8x8 blocks (like JPEG), forming 8x8x8 cubes. Each 8x8x8 cube is then independently encoded using the 3D-DCT algorithm: 3D-DCT, Quantizer, and Entropy encoder.

The key features of the software include:

(1)   A mini-video player.

(2)   The player can open and play 2 kinds of video files: *.y (original format) and *.epg (encoding format).

(3)   The player can transform the 2 kinds of video formats from one to another very quickly (encoding and decoding).

(4)   No side information files are needed; all the video information is stored in the single video file.

(5)   Different compression quality factors can be selected (This can give 10~500 compression ratio with different quality).

    (6)   For encoding, user can choose whether to detect scene change or not. For decoding, player can automatically recover the original video sequences through skipping the extra frames added in encoding.

(7)   Player provides PSNR function to compare 2 videos (useful to check the quality of decoded video).

Following figure shows the software’s interface.


Download 3D-DCT Video Compression Software Here  

Sample video files

This is the original test version, it is not good enough; however, .. just try!



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