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School of Library and Information Science

The Catholic University of America

248 Marist Hall
School of Library and
Information Science
Washington, D.C. 20064

kules@cua.edu (see my email policy)

Email Policy

1. The first time you send me an email, I may take as long as take a week (or more) to respond.

2. Once your email address is in my contact list, you can typically expect a response within a day or two. If you need a quicker or more interactive response, look for me on Google Chat (wmkules@gmail.com) or call my  mobile phone (301-755-7982).

3. If you haven't received a response in one week, please re-send or call me. Your message may have been tossed by the anti-spam software or lost in "email ether."

4. During the summer months, I focus on research. I respond when I am able, but it may take longer than usual.

Email is a powerful tool. I couldn't do my work without it. Sometimes I can't do my work because of it. (Has this ever happened to you?) I implemented this policy to balance the need to be responsive to colleagues and studentsand get my work done, while minimizing the amount of spam I have to view. I am also trying to diligently check email only at certain points in the day. It is a work in progress, and I would appreciate suggestions.

My Setup

  • Aggressive spam filtering by my mail server - this occasionally means that valid messages from people I regularly communicate with are shunted off to the bit bucket, never to be seen by human eyes.
  • Prioritize known contacts - I try to read this email daily during the week and once over the weekend.
  • I try to review other email (from mailing lists and people not in my contact list) weekly.

Other Email Policies

Here are examples of how other people have addressed the amount email and spam they receive:

Last update 8/25/2009