Hitchcock basics:



Rankings, polls, and awards

Hitchcock's cameo appearances in his films

Hitchcock's five basic plots (from Robin Wood)

Two limitations of Hitchcock's art (from Robin Wood)

Hitchcock's "three realities" (from Jean Doucet)

Three kinds of threats in Hitchcock's American films (from John Orr)

Critical approaches in Hitchcock study (from Jane Sloan & others)

Film techniques and related matters

Themes & topics:

Summary: Hitchcock themes and motifs

The Hitchcock "Thriller"

The MacGuffin

Expressionism in art & film

Self-referentiality in art

Hitchcock & psychoanalysis

Doppelgangers and doubles

Scopophilia, voyeurism, the gaze, objectification, fetishism

Homosexuality in Hitchcock movies

Eyes in Hitchcock movies

Dangling and falling

Portraits & paintings in Hitchcock movies

Hitchcock blondes

Mothers in Hitchcock movies

National monuments as Hitchcock settings

Theaters as settings in Hitchcock films

Stairs, staircases & levels

Serial killers: Jack the Ripper, Dr. Crippen & Christie, Ed Gein


Montage: continuity editing

Montage theory and the tertium quid: Eisenstein, Vertov, & Hitchcock

Match cuts & dissolves

'Tunnel' shots

'Pieta' shots

How to throw a punch

Topics relevant to Psycho:
see also the Gallery

Psycho: influences, sequels, remake, homages

Psycho: Ed Gein & Robert Bloch's novel

The Psycho house: sources and influence


Vertigo & Brian De Palma's Obsession

Annie Liebovitz's updated Hitchcock stills