Hitchcock blondes

During his interviews with Francois Truffaut, Hitchcock explained his preference for a certain kind of actress whose sex appeal is "indirect": "You know why I favor sophisticated blondes in my films? We're after the drawing-room type, the real ladies, who become whores once they're in the bedroom." [Triffaut:] "What intrigues you is the paradox between the inner fire and the cool surface." [Hitchcock:] "Definitely. . . . Do you know why? Because sex should not be advertised. . . . Because without the element of surprise the scenes become meaningless. There's no possibility to discover sex."

Grace Kelly
Dial M for Murder, Rear Window, To Catch a Thief

Ingrid Bergman
Notorious, Spellbound,
Under Capricorn

Tippi Hedren
The Birds, Marnie

Kim Novak
Anny Ondra

Eva Marie Saint
North by Northwest
Madeline Carroll
The Thirty-Nine Steps

Priscilla Lane
Anne Baxter
I Confess

Carole Lombard
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Marlene Dietrich
Stage Fright

Janet Leigh
Doris Day
The Man Who Knew Too Much

Barbara Leigh-Hunt
Julie Andrews
Torn Curtain
Barbara Harris
Family Plot

Karen Black
Family Plot