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On the Iraq Crisis

  • Muslims, Islam and the Iraq Crisis, a selection by Alan Godlas, Professor of Religion at the University of Georgia, of websites and links to scholarly information on Iraq, its ethnic and confessional groups, history, recent conflicts, and religious geography.
  • Crisis over Iraq, a selection by Daniel Varisco, Anthropology Professor at Hofstra University and current president of the Middle East Section of the American Anthropological Association, of websites and links to international and Iraqi news sources, government and opposition sources, background studies on Iraq.
  • Informed Comment on news about Iraq and Afghanistan by one of the more prominent historians of the Middle East and past-president of the Middle East Studies Association.  There is also a group blog operated jointly by experts on countries.
  • Afghanistan, Taliban, 'Usama, Terrorism and more
  • Media Dimensions of the War against Terrorism


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