Maria Sophia Aguirre

Dr. Aguirre earned a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Notre Dame and joined the Catholic University of America faculty in 1993. Professor Aguirre's professional background also includes degrees in accounting and banking finance, earned in Argentina. She earned her undergraduate degrees, CPA and MBA in Argentina as well.  Dr. Aguirre is an ordinary professor of Economics and heads the Integral Economic Development Management Program (IEDM) in the Department of Business and Economics.  She has also held appointments at the University of Chicago and Northwestern University’s Economics Department and has visited the Instituto de Altos Estudios Empresariales (I.A.E.E.) at the University of Austral in Argentina.

Dr. Aguirre's specialization is in international finance and economic development. She has researched and published in the areas of exchange rates and economic integration, as well as on theories of population, resources, and family as it relates to economic development.  Her work has been published, among others, in International Advances in Economic Research, Journal of Economic Studies, International Review of Economic and Finance, Journal of Economic and Finance, Atlantic Economic Journal, Journal of Economic Integration, International Journal of Social Economics, Review of International Economics, and Journal of Public Law.  She is also the author of Determinants of Economic Growth, Population, and Family Wealth: The Case of Guatemala and of several book chapters.  Recognizing her contributions to the field, she has received a Citation of Excellence for her paper published in Journal of Economic Studies, 25:6, 1998, ANBAR Electronic Intelligence, 1999, awarded the Magister en Gestión Educativa by the Consejo Iberoamericano in 2004, and has been selected for inclusion in Who's Who Among America's Teachers, March 1996 and 2006.  

Dr. Aguirre’s work has been captured by media around the world. This includes, among others, NewsWeekly, La Nación, El Observador, National Review, CNM News, El Universal, The Voice Today, BBC News, PBS, La República, La Prensa Gráfica, Prensa Libre, Siglo 21, El Periódico, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Radio Samora, Guatevision, and the Meridian Magazine.

Dr. Aguirre has participated and lectured in several conferences at both the national and international level.  Since ICPD '94, she has actively participated in UN Conferences. Professor Aguirre is a member of several prestigious organizations, in which she serves and has served as an officer in different capacities.  Among them is the Commission on the Status of Women in the Professions, a working group of the American Economic Association.  Dr. Aguirre is also actively involved with leadership programs for young women worldwide and is the founder and President of the Foundation for Social and Cultural Advancement (SCA).  SCA is a non-for-profit organization that seeks to help underprivileged girls and women around the world live with dignity and build brighter futures for themselves, their families, and their communities by partnering with local institutions to address regional needs and engage communal support.

She has testified in front of Congresses on issues related to population, family and health both nationally and internationally.  Among these are included the Congress of the United States, Uganda, Honduras as well as the United Nations, and the Central American and Canadian Parliaments. She also has advised several US Congressmen and other countries' Permanent Missions to the UN and UN Delegates on economic aspects of UN Documents.  She has also advised several governments on women's education, family policy, and health.  She also served as a presidential appointee to the US Advisory Commission on Foreign Diplomacy, 2003-2008.