History 401: Joan of Arc

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Régine Pernoud, Joan of Arc by Herself and Her Witnesses, Scarborough House
    This book can be ordered from Amazon.com for $13.56

Marina Warner and Monica Furlong, The Trial of Joan of Arc, Arthur James
    This book can be ordered from Amazon.com for $9.56

The books may also be ordered from BarnesandNoble.com for the same prices

Texts of Joan's Trial of Condemnation and Rehabilitation

Biography of Joan written in the early twentieth century by Herbert Thurston (1856-1939)

Books on reserve in Bird Library

Régine Pernoud, Joan of Arc by Herself and Her Witnesses DC 103 P3783

The Trial of Jeanne d'Arc, translated by W.P. Barrett 923.544 J43t (Library lists this book as lost)

I have copies of The Trial of Jeanne d'Arc in my office. They may be checked out for two days or over the weekend.

Anne L. Barstow, Joan of Arc: Heretic, Mystic, Shaman DC 103. B28 1986 c.2

Walter S. Scott, Jeanne d'Arc DC 103 S38 1974

Charles W. Lightbody, The Judgements of Joan: Joan of Arc, A Study in Cultural History DC 103 L67

Jules Michelet, Joan of Arc DC 103 M612 1967

Marina Warner, Joan of Arc: The Image of Female Heroism DC 103 W27 1981

Charles T. Wood, Joan of Arc and Richard III: Sex, Saints, and Government in the Middle Ages DA 176 W66 1988

Fresh Verdicts on Joan of Arc, edd. Bonnie Wheeler and Charles T. Wood,  Garland Publishers  1996, DC103 .F75 1996

A book that was just published (and too late to include in this semester's work) is:

Régine Pernoud and Marie-Véronique Clin, Joan of Arc: Her Story, translated by Jeremy duQuesnay Adams and edited by Bonnie Wheeler,  St Martin's Press, 1998. It is available through Barnes and Noble or Amazon.com

The course has several objectives. 1. To study the life of Joan. 2. To learn how to research and write a paper in history (This course fulfills the continuing writing skills requirement in the College of Arts and Sciences) 3. To study the cultural legacy of Joan's life in Western European thought, film, and letters. 4. To examine Joan's trial in the context of Western European law. We will meet regularly during the first half of the semester. During the second half, you will write your papers in consultation with me. The paper must use primary sources. It must also use at least five books and five journal articles. The paper should be ca. 20 pages long. A draft of the paper (a least 10 pages long) will be due at the end of March. The final draft is due at the last meeting of the class during the week of May 10th, which will meet at my home at 5:30 P.M. (122 Westminster Avenue, Syracuse)

Discussions: Each week, beginning on January 25th, every student must submit one question based on the readings, class discussions, films, etc. to me by Email by Monday, Noon. If you do not submit a question, it will have a deleterious effect on your final grade. If you cannot use Email you may submit the question to me by other means, but I encourage you to learn how to use Email.

Further Short Bibliography of Joan of Arc


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THE PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC (1928). After Maria Falconetti played Joan of Arc, she felt spent and never acted again; watching her performance, you can believe it. There may never have been a film performance of such emotional purity. The demands of the role are exhausting, and she seems inspired at every moment. Shot almost entirely in close-up, Carl Dreyer's staggering film was based on the trial records. The faces of Joan's judges are hallowed by the white walls he shot against, so that they seem to be floating in Joan's imagination; among them are Michel Simon and the young Antonin Artaud. Rudolph Mate did the amazing cinematography. With live accompaniment by Martin Marks.

Dreyer, Carl Theodor, 1889-1968.

Delteil, Joseph, 1894- Falconetti, Renee.

Silvain, Eugene-Charles-Joseph, 1889-1968.

France in 1928 under title: La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc.

"Silent" film with original organ score by Rosa Rio.


Bird-Media, lower Video cassette 5587

The Trial of Joan of Arc (1962)

Robert Bresson's vérité depiction of the trial of Joan of Arc is adapted from actual court transcripts and features nonprofessional actors recreating the trial and execution of France's most famous martyr. Noted for its very low-key (read: very muted) style. Shown with Francois Truffaut's early short Les Mistons.  (1 hour, 5 minutes)


(Joan of Arc) parts 1 & 2

France 1994
Director: Jacques Rivette
4 hours 20 minutes

Rivette's two-part epic follows in the footsteps of many highly regarded portrayals of France's most famous daughter, and succeeds in presenting a fresh and intriguing interpretation of a medieval enigma. Centred round an outstanding performance by Sandrine Bonnaire (Bonnaire also featuring this month in Chabrol's La Ceremonie) Rivette's film concentrates on the backstage
elements of the Joan of Arc legend, the moments of preparation and uncertainty between the defining moments enshrined in history.

"Sandrine Bonnaire is a particularly acute choice for the part: one of France's most recognisable actresses, she embodies a star status at a distance from the mainstream, with the edge of anti-glamour, non-conformity and rebel-next-door ordinariness." - Jonathan Romney, Sight & Sound.